We are a group of women from the U.S.A. and around the world who share activities that promote friendship and understanding. We meet in many different groups, so our members can take part in whichever groups they like.

Membership is open to all interested women. We invite you to come and make new friends, share experiences, tell about your culture and learn about other women and their countries.  Currently, we have 139 members from 37 countries.  A yearly membership fee of $10.00 is charged, to help pay for the expenses of meetings, mailings and special events.   For English classes, an additional $10.00 fee is charged each semester.

International Women’s Club is affiliated with International Programs at the University of Iowa, but is run entirely by our own volunteer members.

To understand the club better, watch this video produced by Iowa City Channel 4:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFk7cABiuFs&feature=youtu.be

The club is not currently scheduling events.  We want to help prevent the community spread of corona virus in our county.

For more information, contact:

Jessica Ortiz, IWC Co-President, at 319-354-1167 or jessica_ortiz@hotmail.com (Speaks English, Habla Español)

Anita Mischuk, IWC Co-President, at amischuk17@gmail.com (Speaks English, Spricht Deutsch, Parle Français)

Joanne Madsen, IWC Treasurer, at 319-351-2595 or joannemadsenic@gmail.com (Speaks English, Parle Français)

You may join our group on Facebook after becoming a member.

I’ve been going to the IWC since last year.  It has been helping me a lot to improve my English.  Also, I make a lot of friends and learn about other cultures.  The teachers care about our weaknesses and try to improve those.  Last year I had difficulty with answering phone calls.  I told my teacher that when my phone rang I almost had a heart attack.  She found an IWC member to practice calls with us in class.  Now I feel much better about talking on the phone with everyone and I’m happy to get calls from my new friends!  Thanks to IWC for being so kind and helpful with me.  Thanks for understanding our difference and weaknesses and trying to help us reach our goals.   You are all special now in my life!  – Grazi from Brazil
I have been in IWC for a year.  The IWC teachers have given me a lot of encouragement.  They have been the first foreign teachers to teach me English during my life.  I have made good progress in English through IWC!  – Yi from China
My social life was very limited before I joined the club and that meant, of course, that I also had few possibilities to practice speaking English skills. The IWC of Iowa City gave me a completely different scenario. The teachers are great, the facility is very comfortable, and daycare is definitely a wonderful perk. Classmates turned into friends, and we meet once in a while for grocery shopping, play dates, coffee and many other interesting activities provided by the club, which of course, are an extraordinary way to practice English.  I regret that I didn’t join the club right after we moved to Iowa City.  – Argelia from Mexico
 IWC is more than a place where I can practice and improve my English skills.  It is a very nice club that offers a lot of activities as a way of meeting and making friends from all around the world.  They made smooth and easy my move to Iowa a few months ago.  – Cristina from Spain

What members say about this club: